Cancellation Policy

This policy is offered in addition to your legal rights.

Your legal rights: When you buy a service from a business, in law you have a number of rights as a consumer. These include that any service should be carried out with...

Reasonable care and skill, Within a reasonable time, At a reasonable price.

Our policy: In addition to your legal rights, Cancelled bookings within 4 weeks prior to the event date will attract a fee of:
  • £25 will be due if giving 4 or more weeks notice
  • 100% of the quoted fee will be due if not giving 4 week’s notice
  • One Free re-booking in the event of emergency cancellation (within 48hrs Notice)

Special Covid-19 Rules

  • We can only attend events if it is legal to do so
  • In the event your event can't go ahead we will allow you to reschedule 

Please contact us via text, email or in writing to cancel your booking:

Text: 07783480656


FAO: Rebecca Waite Ribble Ave